Thursday, 6 October 2016

The Living Churchyard at Perranuthnoe

The Living Churchyard Project                                                                   October 2016

The whole churchyard was cut by Cornwall Council in September.   Some people came along after and made a start on raking up.   Ann, Peter and David G were there most days with Susan raking the long grass into piles.  This was the first time in many years that the cut grass was removed and gradually this will enable more wild flowers to become established. The grass was made into several large stacks all over the churchyard which were removed with special thanks to John Jago who came with his dumper truck. On the day of the Harvest Rake Up, lots of people came and continued raking up and at the end of the morning everyone stood round the 'triangle' at the entrance, which Susan had prepared, and sowed wild flower seeds which we can hopefully look forward to seeing in the Spring.  Susan then gave an interesting talk in church where she described the various wildlife she had seen visiting the areas of long grass when she was there working this summer then went on to explain that she will concentrate on a strip of grass at a time, cutting and raking a little at a time starting at the top of the west facing area and gradually working down towards the church, which will be a long term project.   Thank you to everyone who came with their rakes and wheelbarrows and contributed to the wonderful harvest weekend. 

Help Needed

The grass is still growing in our warmer Cornish climate especially in the north-facing section of the churchyard at the rear of the tower.   If anyone is able to offer any help with further strimming in that area before the winter sets in, please contact Susan on 07752843743.

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