Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The French Meal

On a wet and windy Monday night (26th November) 30  braved the elements and enjoyed an
“Authentic 5 course French Meal” in the Church Room.

The evening started by Rev. Canon Frank offering “grace” in French and then the food came, wine flowed and Bonhomie was everywhere.  The event came about through the inspiration and leadership of Linda, who together with her “Team” decorated the Church Room, prepared and served the delicious food. We were entertained by Revd. Annie with French “Chansons” between courses and each table challenged to identify the major French towns and cities. The winning Team scored an impressive 28 out of 36 – or should that read “ could do better !!” and won a pot of Gold Coins (chocolate of course)

The profits from this enjoyable French Affair will go towards the renovation of the Trevelyan Window Appeal, results of which will be posted once expenses / costs have been settled.

Over the past years themed meals have included Italian, Indian and now French – 
what will be next ??

                                                              Ready for the guests
                                                        Barbara with  Le Pain

                                        The "dashing" Onion seller - Tom!
                                         Revd. Annie's offering  "chansons"

                                         Quiz time !

                                                         Linda with "Le Menu !!"

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Anonymous said...

What a fabulous evening it was
. Thank you all for all your hard work. Fantastic food wine and company.