Saturday, 3 November 2012


The Church Clock mechanism relies on 3 weights being wound each week from the botton to the top of the tower - this task in recent times has been dilegently done by a Team of Clock Winders -  Martin Holland, Des Astin, David Somers, Jonathan Green, Christopher Ball, Rob Braybrooks, David Sharp and Michael Ball.

Now thanks to a very generous gift from Meg and Ivan (Pinfield) and DAC "Faculty"  approval an  automatic winding system has been installed.  A plaque marking this generous act has been prepared and following the required Faculty approval will be displayed within the Church.

The photographs show the mechanism of the clock which remains the same and the 3 special motors that automatically wind the weights. The installation was by The Cumbria Clock Company who have been responsible for the maintainance and servicing of the clock for many years. Luke, was the young engineer responsible for the installation and commissioning of the new mechanism.

Luke from the Cumbria Clock Company who installed the new winding mechanism.

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