Sunday, 20 February 2011

Send a Cow Appeal

Martin & Jane Long Gill with her £10 loaf !!

Send a Cow – Benefice Lent Appeal
On Saturday 19th February 30 people came to the Coffee Morning and talk in Perranuthnoe Church Room which launched the Benefice wide lent initiative to Send a Cow to a needy African Family. Martin and Jane Long (from the Send a Cow Charity) provided an informative and moving account of the work and aims of the Send a Cow scheme.
A loaf (baked that morning by Margaret) was auctioned by Gill and raised £10, this plus the donations given amounted to £155 a wonderful start for this Lent Appeal.
This money plus that donated by the Perran Stitchers of £60 from a workshop means that the fund stands at £215 Further money raising events are planned throughout the Lent period.

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